Helping You Erase Marks From Your Criminal Record

If you have a conviction on your criminal record, it can cast a shadow over your job search, educational opportunities and other areas of your life. We believe that your criminal record should not dictate the direction of the rest of your life, which is why we help our clients with matters pertaining to expungement and motions to terminate probation.

California law provides some people the opportunity to clear their record of a conviction and move forward with their life. Whether it is expunging a conviction from your record, seeking to end your probationary period early or another option for relief after conviction, the experienced lawyers at Kosnett Law Firm can help.

What Options Are Available To You?

Expungement is not available in every situation. In order to qualify for this step, the court will first look at whether or not there is evidence of rehabilitation and the completion of your probation period. At that point, we will help you take the steps of withdrawing your guilty plea or no contest plea and seeking a dismissal of your criminal conviction.

If you are still under the restrictions of your probationary period, we can ask that the court dismiss your probation early. Upon approval of this request, we can move forward with seeking a dismissal of your case.

Helping You Reap The Benefits Of Expungement

There are multiple reasons why expungement could be beneficial, yet people do not understand this is an option for them. We can help you determine if you should pursue this opportunity, allowing you to clear your criminal record.

After the expungement process is complete, you will be able to tell potential employers and others that you do not have a criminal conviction on your record.

Do Not Delay In Scheduling Your Free Initial Case Evaluation

If expungement or the early termination of your probationary period is an option for you, you have no time to lose. Our attorneys offer free initial case evaluations for new clients, so you can learn more about this possibility without cost or obligation. Contact our Los Angeles office at 310-862-6318 or complete the contact form online to make your appointment.