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What does a restricted license allow me to do?

In the event you have been convicted of a DUI and have met certain requirements under California law, you could be eligible to receive your driving privileges back, but in limited form. While you will have some ways to go before you can retrieve your full driving privileges, with a restricted license, you do have some ability to get around the Los Angeles area.

Can a prescription drug get you a DUI?

You are aware of the consequences that may arise from drinking and driving, which can include motor vehicle accidents and DUI charges. You might not know, however, that you could face similar consequences for driving after taking a legal prescription or over-the-counter medication. You and other California residents should understand the potential ramifications and how to avoid them.

When does a theft offense become a felony in California?

Every state has its unique approach to criminal law. In other words, there are dozens of different statutes across the country regarding theft and other common crimes. The definitions for different forms of theft, as well as the consequences they carry, vary from state to state. However, it's important to understand that theft is a serious criminal allegation in any state.

How does California define property crimes?

The first important point to understand if you have been charged with criminal activity in Los Angeles is the need to comprehend exactly what type of crime you are being charged with. The general public might assume that crime is simply crime, yet from a legal perspective, there are crimes against persons, against public safety, and crimes against property. Knowing the type of activity you stand accused of might help you better comprehend why you are facing charges (if it is still unclear to you), and how to defend yourself from them. 

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