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How a criminal offense impacts your professional life

Getting into legal trouble often has more consequences than people imagine. The effects can range from issues in your personal life to serious problems in your professional pursuits. There are many companies that have zero-tolerance policies for arrests or criminal convictions. Protracted absences during court could also jeopardize a job.

How much does a California DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

Your life typically undergoes considerable change once you have a California driving under the influence charge on your record, and you may find that you struggle to maintain employment and support yourself or your family after a conviction. While you may, depending on circumstances, face jail time, substantial fines and related repercussions in response to your crime, you will also experience ripple effects that come from somewhere other than the California court system.

What are DUI checkpoints?

In California, and in many other states across the nation, DUI checkpoints are used as a way to monitor the streets and keep drunk drivers off the roads. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, California holds at least 2,500 checkpoints annually in accordance with state and federal laws. While law enforcement officers require grounds for suspicion to pull you over on most occasions, DUI checkpoints allow officers to check drivers without any probable cause.

Can you rescind a white-collar plea agreement?

If you face federal white-collar crime charges in California, you and your attorney may be able to negotiate a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor. Per Forbes, approximately 90 percent of federal defendants enter into plea agreements instead of placing their fates in the hands of a jury.

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