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If you are facing criminal charges, it is crucial to have effective representation immediately. Not only during trial, but also during the pretrial phase as well. At Kosnett Law Firm, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer give your case our full time and attention, to ensure you are treated fairly under the criminal justice system.

Even if you think the facts of the case aren’t in your favor, having the best possible criminal representation can be the difference between jail time and probation, or having your record destroyed with an avoidable felony or misdemeanor conviction.

Restraining Orders: The Basics

The two most common forms of restraining orders in California are Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Civil Harassment Restraining Orders. Each is adjudicated differently, involves different relationships between the parties, and requires different burdens of proof to be met before the order is issued.

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You Can't Put A Price On Your Future And Your Freedom

Even the smallest misdemeanor charge could have a significant impact on your life. What may seem like a minor DUI incident could get your driver's license taken for months, making it difficult to go to work and provide for your family. And if you're a licensed professional, any criminal conviction could put your license at risk.

The stakes are high, and you shouldn't be forced to settle on an inexperienced criminal attorney because of money. Our Los Angeles criminal law firm offers decades of legal insight, without the high costs that many larger firms charge across Southern California. Experience and affordability — you can have both.

A Capable Ally For Teachers, Students And Licensed Professionals

In addition to criminal law, our law firm has an extensive history practicing administrative and education law as well. For teachers or students who are faced with criminal charges, we are uniquely aware of how this may impact your future within your institution.

And for other professionals, our Los Angeles attorneys are well-qualified to resolve any issues before a licensing board or another administrative body. We go above and beyond keeping you out of jail — our goal is to keep these accusations from harming any facet of your life.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Truly Care About The Outcome Of Your Case

At Kosnett Law Firm, we firmly believe that in order to be a great attorney, you have to be personally invested in the outcome of your client's case. While larger, regional law firms may churn through cases or pass them off to an associate or paralegal, our attorneys work with you personally to fight for the result you need.

We also offer free initial consultations to discuss the details of your case. Meet with our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys — call 310-445-5900 to schedule your appointment, or reach out online to get started.

Criminal Law FAQs

Do I Have To Answer Police Questions?

You must provide basic information regarding your identity when asked by the police. However, if you are being questioned during an interrogation or while under arrest, our California and Federal Laws, including the Constitution of the United States, grants everyone the right to remain silent and the right to retain legal counsel before answering any questions from the police

I Have A Warrant For My Arrest In California. What Should I Do?

Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to review your charges, the warrant’s details, and your overall case with him or her to build a strategy to move forward. Your attorney will advise you of your rights and the best legal course of action to proceed while informing the court that you have retained counsel.

Do I Have To Return To Court After Being Released On Bail In Los Angeles?

Yes. Even when you are released on bail, the court will establish a future hearing date that you must attend to avoid a warrant being issued for your arrest. If you have not already retained legal representation, it is important to do so before your court appearance.

Can I Change Criminal Defense Attorneys If I Am Unhappy With Mine?

Yes. It is your right to hire any criminal defense attorney you choose. If you believe your hired counsel is not providing the representation you deserve, you are free to choose another criminal defense attorney. It is important to do so early in the legal process, as the court may deny a request to change attorneys is if there is insufficient time for the new lawyer to prepare for trial. If you have been assigned a court-appointed attorney, your options are less fluid, but still exist. Talk to the judge about any questions you may have about your representation before switching counsel.

Should I Take A Plea Bargain If The Prosecutor Offers One?

Before accepting a plea bargain from the prosecutor’s office, speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney first to ensure your rights are protected and learn how each consequence outlined in the agreement affects your livelihood now and going forward.

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