Answers To Your Criminal Defense Questions

When facing criminal charges, you may have questions and concerns regarding your rights and the protection of your interests. Our lawyers understand you may feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, but we are ready to provide the information, support and guidance you need.

At Kosnett Law Firm in Los Angeles, we believe individuals throughout Southern California facing criminal charges deserve a complete explanation of their rights and how to fight the charges against them. We are genuinely concerned over the outcome of your case, and in addition answering any questions you may have, we will also provide the tenacious advocacy needed to fight for a beneficial outcome for you.

We Address All Of Your Concerns

The implications of any type of criminal charge can affect multiple facets of your life. You likely have important concerns over issues ranging from how to confront the case against you to how to minimize the impact of a conviction. We are here to help. Our attorneys can answer your questions and offer straightforward guidance regarding your concerns :

After an arrest and the filing of criminal charges, you still have rights. If you are being questioned by law enforcement, you have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to seek help from a criminal defense attorney. We are here to help you protect these rights and others.

Even in minor cases, an attorney can be greatly beneficial to you. We know how to protect your rights, fight the evidence against you and build a strong defense. Without an attorney, you may be treated unfairly by law enforcement, and given greater punishments than you deserve.

The types of penalties you may face depend on the nature of case, your criminal record and other factors. Even if you are guilty of committing a crime, your penalties may range from a small fine to jail or prison time. We will fight to mitigate the penalties that are threatening your future.

Before you make any important decisions regarding your case, it is beneficial to fully explore your options. Pleading guilty is never your only option, no matter the nature of the case against you. We help you understand the full scope of your case so you can make the decisions that lead to the best outcome.

A conviction can change your life in many ways. We will work to minimize the impact it will have on your life, perhaps seeking an expungement or other legal options for convicted individuals.

From misdemeanor offenses to major offenses violating federal law, you do not have to face your charges alone. When you turn to our firm, you will benefit from both our experience and our affordable legal fees.

Charged With A Crime? We Can Help.

You do not have to wonder about your legal options. We offer free initial consultations, and you can get a complete evaluation of your case with no obligation to you. Contact our Los Angeles office at 310-445-5900 or contact us online for an appointment.