The Experienced Defense Counsel You Deserve

When facing criminal charges, your choice of a lawyer matters. Regardless of the nature of the specific charges against you, it is always beneficial to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney advocating for you. We understand how overwhelming it is to face uncertainty about your future, and the attorneys at Kosnett Law Firm are ready to support you and fight for your interests.Since 1976, James Kosnett has provided defense counsel to people facing a variety of criminal charges in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. He is now joined by his son, Louis V. Kosnett. Our firm is different because we offer personal service to each of our clients. Seeking a positive outcome to your case is important to us, and we will employ every resource we have to benefit you. You can learn more about our attorneys and their experience here:

Honest And Straightforward Answers To Your Defense Questions

We believe you deserve honest advice regarding your defense. After a thorough evaluation of your case, we can identify the options available. Throughout every step, we will fight hard – we are personally committed to beneficial results in every case, whether you are facing a simple misdemeanor offense or complex federal charges.

Our attorneys are specifically experienced in education-related offenses and cases related to the protection of professional licensure. Not only will we strive to keep your criminal record clean, but we also work to protect your career and future opportunities.

Your Defense Can Start Immediately

You do not have to wait to start building a defense. We can step in and begin to act on your behalf at any point in your case – even if it is still in the investigative stages. Our firm understands you may have concerns regarding the cost of your defense, but our services cost much less than what other firms charge.

We offer free initial case evaluations. By scheduling your appointment, you can learn more about our rates, as well as how we can help you build a defense suited to your individual needs. Call today at 310-445-5900 or email us for your appointment.