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At the Kosnett Law Firm, our Los Angeles, California expungement attorneys know that just because you are convicted of a crime does not mean it has to ruin the rest of your life by remaining on your permanent record.

While there are many laws that govern who can and cannot have their convictions expunged, and which types of charges are eligible for removal from your record, our probation termination and expungement lawyers in Los Angeles County provide a no-nonsense approach to delivering results. We know that your livelihood may depend on terminating your probation or re-establishing a clean record, and we can help deliver solutions that focus on that becoming a reality.

What Expungement Options Are Available In Los Angeles, California?

Expungement is not available in every situation. In order to qualify for this step, the court will first look at whether or not there is evidence of rehabilitation and the completion of your probation period. At that point, our Los Angeles probation termination and expungement lawyer will help you take the steps of withdrawing your guilty plea or no contest plea and seeking a dismissal of your criminal conviction.

If you are still under the restrictions of your probationary period, we can ask that the court dismiss your probation early. Upon approval of this request, we can move forward with seeking a dismissal of your case.

Who is Eligible To Have Their Conviction Expunged In Los Angeles, California?

It is important to know that not everyone is eligible to have their convictions expunged in Los Angeles, California.

Expungement is only available to non-incarceration cases and the defendants therein.

Our California Legislation allows a person to become eligible for expungement if s/he was convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, and s/he fully completed either their probation requirements successfully.

In addition, s/he cannot be currently:

  • Charged with a crime
  • On probation for a crime
  • Serving a sentence for a crime

You are not eligible for expungement if you were:

  • Sent to California state prison, either at the time of judgment or due to a probation violation
  • Convicted of serious sex offenses against children

How Does Expungement Work?

The expungement process involves our accomplished Los Angeles expungement and probation termination attorneys formally requesting that the judge dismiss and vacate your case.

At the Kosnett Law Firm, our Los Angeles Expungement lawyers will re-open your old criminal case. Afterward, we will ask the judge to withdraw your old plea of guilty or no contest, and enter a new plea of not guilty.

How Long Does An Expungement Case Take In Los Angeles?

Once your case is eligible for expungement, there is typically no additional waiting period to file an expungement petition. The overall timeline to complete the expungement process will vary from case to case and court to court.

Our skilled Los Angeles expungement lawyers will file your expungement petition with the proper California court within days of your retaining our legal services. The judge will then hold a hearing, typically within 45 days after the filing process is completed.

Our experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers will stay on top of your request from the time we file it, so there are never any questions about where you stand, what the next steps are, or when you can begin benefitting from your conviction being expunged from your record.

What Are The Benefits of Expungement?

Clearing your record has numerous personal, professional, and social benefits.

As soon as your conviction is expunged, you can legally and truthfully state, to whoever asks, that you have never been convicted of the crime that has been erased from your record.

This means employers will no longer be able to see your criminal conviction during a background check, and if you are asked outright to answer if you have been convicted of that crime, you can say “No.”

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm In California Include The Following Practice Areas:

Can Kosnett Law Firm Help Erase My Criminal Charges?

If you have a conviction on your criminal record, it can cast a shadow over your job search, educational opportunities and other areas of your life. We believe that your criminal record should not dictate the direction of the rest of your life, which is why our Los Angeles expungement attorney helps our clients with matters pertaining to expungement and motions to terminate probation.

California law provides some people the opportunity to clear their record of a conviction and move forward with their lives. Whether it is expunging a conviction from your record, seeking to end your probationary period early or another option for relief after conviction, the experienced Los Angeles expungement lawyers at Kosnett Law Firm can help.

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