Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers In Los Angeles, California

At the Kosnett Law Firm, we never stop fighting for the best interests of our clients, including after a conviction. If you have been convicted of a crime, our post-conviction relief attorneys in Los Angeles, California will help you understand the options you may have to help clean up your criminal record.

A conviction of any type of crime will remain on your criminal record until you have it removed. There is no time frame where it will simply disappear on its own. This could become troublesome when looking for a new job, seeking to enroll in school, or even applying for rental leases or mortgage loans. Our Los Angeles post-conviction relief lawyers will diligently explore all of the options that are available to you for post-conviction relief, so you can start anew.

We will continue our pursuit of protecting your rights and best interests by vacating, eliminating or reducing your conviction to remedy the side-effects of living with a criminal record.
What Is Post-Conviction Relief In California

What Is Post-Conviction Relief In California?

California Legislation outlines the post-conviction relief laws that allow our attorneys to file a motion in court that seeks to vacate, modify, or reduce a conviction in order to improve your criminal record.

Are My Charges Eligible For Post-Conviction Relief In Los Angeles?

It is important to understand that everyone’s criminal conviction is unique and that no two post-conviction relief options are alike.

That’s why our Los Angeles post-conviction relief attorneys provide customized representation that fully outlines your options, so we can take a straightforward approach to deliver solutions.

You may be eligible for post-conviction relief if:

  • You received ineffective representation from your attorney
  • You were never advised of your Constitutional rights or the consequences of your plea agreement
  • You were convicted of a felony that can be reduced to a misdemeanor
  • You were never imprisoned for your charges, and have fully and successfully completed your probation
  • You were convicted of a marijuana offense

What Is The Post-Conviction Relief Process?

At the Kosnett Law Firm, our post-conviction relief lawyers in Los Angeles, California will begin the process by gathering the relevant court records from your previous conviction.

After we interview you and review the circumstances of your case to ensure you are eligible for post-conviction relief, we will determine the likelihood of a successful outcome. We will then prepare your motion, file, and litigate the claim in court.

Once the case is completed, and we are successful in fighting the conviction, we will obtain the court-ordered certification stating the outcome of a reduced or modified charge, or that your conviction has been vacated completely.

What Post-Conviction Relief Options Are Available Through California’s Penal Code?

California’s Penal Code offers a few different options that could allow you to seek post-conviction relief. If you are able to clean up your criminal record by one of these options, both state and federal databases will reflect the changes to your criminal record. Some of the options that could be available to you include the following:

  • One provision of the California Penal Code allows a person to seek a dismissal of a conviction or the reduction of a felony to a misdemeanor.
  • Other provisions of the California Penal Code allow a person to seal and destroy records of their arrest or detention.

These options allow people subjected to a wrongful arrest to clear their record of this mark, as well as allow others to clean up their record and enjoy better opportunities. Our Los Angeles post-conviction relief lawyers can evaluate your case and identify the specific options that may be available to you. We will help you pursue post-conviction relief and protect your future interests.

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Our Los Angeles Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers Can Help You Start Over

We understand the significant impact that a conviction can have on your life. Whether it is personally, professionally, or socially, the challenges a criminal record creates can keep you from getting ahead in life.

Do not let a legal mistake hold you back by appearing on your permanent record for the rest of your life. Allow our post-conviction relief lawyers in Los Angeles to provide a fresh start, so you can move forward with positivity.

We provide experienced legal support from the earliest stage of your case to post-conviction needs. Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney provides affordable and effective defense counsel for individuals dealing with complications related to a variety of legal charges.

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You may feel overwhelmed by your situation, but a conviction does not mean it is the end of the road for you. We can explain your post-conviction options is simple terms, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case. Contact our post-conviction relief Lawyers in Los Angeles, California today to schedule a free initial case evaluation by calling 310-445-5900 or emailing us to make your appointment.