One of the things we do most often here at the Kosnett Law Firm in California is to vigorously defend clients accused of DUI. We consequently know all too well how serious the charge is and how a conviction can negatively impact your life. Not only does a DUI charge put your freedom at stake, a conviction could also stop your career in its tracks.

FindLaw explains that if you are currently attending grad school so as to receive the professional license you need to practice in your profession of choice, the licensing board that issues that license may not give you one if it discovers a DUI conviction on your record.

Background checks

Even if you require no professional license to work in the field of your choice, a DUI conviction can still make it difficult for you to find a good job. For instance, if the job you want requires you to have a Commercial Driver’s License, a DUI conviction will preclude your obtaining one for years to come.

And for any job for which you apply, your prospective employer will undoubtedly perform a criminal background check. Not only will your conviction itself show up on this check, but also some or all of the following records:

  • Records from the court that prosecuted and convicted you
  • Records from the jails and/or prisons in which you served time because of your conviction
  • Your driving records from the state where your conviction occurred
  • Your driving records from all states that either suspended or revoked your driver’s license because of your conviction

Background check consequences

Unfortunately, many employers look with extreme disfavor on any prospective employee whose background check reveals a criminal conviction. You may well find the job you want going to another applicant with a clean record.

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