If you have a California criminal record and you find that it is having a negative impact on your day-to-day life, you are not alone. Having a criminal record presents inevitable hurdles for state residents, who may find that their record follows them around, potentially affecting everything from where they can live and work to whether they can vote. At the Kosnett Law Firm, we understand just how much your criminal record can haunt you, and we have helped many clients with California criminal records work to reduce the damage their criminal records cause them.

Per the Judicial Branch of California, state residents who have existing criminal records may be able to have their records sealed or dismissed, depending on several factors, and provided their situations meet certain circumstances. Essentially, sealing your records makes them invisible to the general public, meaning they typically should not appear when, say, prospective employers run a search on you.

Whether you are eligible for a California criminal record sealing depends on several factors. You may, however, be able to move forward if your criminal case resulted in a dismissal, or if law enforcement officials arrested you, but never took out a formal case against you. You may, too, find that you are eligible for a record sealing if a jury acquitted you following a trial, or if you participated in and completed specific diversion programs within a particular timeframe following your conviction.

You may also be able to pursue what is known as a criminal record dismissal or expungement. You must first meet certain conditions, however, which you may meet if you received a criminal conviction, but never received a state prison sentence, among other criteria. While every situation is different and not all California criminal offenders are eligible for record sealing or dismissals, those who are may find that taking such steps removes obstacles preventing them from moving forward with their lives. Find more on this topic on our webpage.

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