Parents have to help their children through many challenges, and this is especially true during their teenage years. Teens face a lot of pressure, whether they are dealing with hurdles in school, peer pressure or problems with friends and family members. All of these factors can contribute to underage drinking, and some decide to get behind the wheel with alcohol in their system. To make things more complicated, teens may face drunk driving charges with a very small amount of alcohol in their system as a result of zero-tolerance laws, which we recently looked into on this blog.

As a parent, you may be angry or feel let down when you find out that your teen was charged with DUI charges. However, you should try to be understanding and help them protect their future since these charges can affect them down the road as well. It is important to uncover any details that could impact their drunk driving case and be fully aware of the legal options they may have. Every DUI case is different and there may be a number of avenues to explore when it comes to helping your teen defend themselves.

From financial penalties to problems in one’s career path and the loss of driving privileges, the consequences of drunk driving charges can turn life upside down in many ways. Some teens are pressured to get behind the wheel after drinking by their friends and some may not realize that such a small amount of alcohol placed them over the legal limit.

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