Getting into legal trouble often has more consequences than people imagine. The effects can range from issues in your personal life to serious problems in your professional pursuits. There are many companies that have zero-tolerance policies for arrests or criminal convictions. Protracted absences during court could also jeopardize a job.

While it is possible for any employer to have a policy that penalizes employees convicted of crimes, certain professionals are more at risk for negative consequences resulting from pending criminal charges.

Anyone who must have licensing from the state of California to perform their job, from medical professionals to teachers, have more serious consequences than others in situations involving criminal and Drug charges. For licensed professionals, a solid criminal defense law is critical to their future, as even a guilty plea could mean the loss of licensing and their job.

Certain offenses may result in a review of your license

The aim of state licensing boards is to maintain professional integrity and high standards for the individuals who pursue specific careers. State licensing boards help ensure that individuals who operate in critical fields like medicine have the education necessary to adequately perform their job. The board will verify credentials and require standardized tests for these professionals to work in California.

Licensing boards also protect the public by denying licensing to individuals who don’t meet ethical or legal standards, such as those with criminal records. Obtaining or renewing a professional license usually involves a criminal background check. Even if you don’t notify your employer or the licensing board of your charges, they could find out about them in the future, with devastating consequences.

Thankfully, licensing boards don’t utilize summary justice. Instead, those with criminal convictions often find themselves facing a disciplinary or review hearing from the state licensing board in control of their career. Anything from impaired driving offenses to assault related to a physical fight could mean the loss of your licensing and your career.

You can defend against criminal charges and the loss of your job

In a way, licensed professionals face more penalties and punishment than those who work unlicensed jobs. Being held to a higher standard means facing the loss of your income and future plans due to a simple mistake.

If you find yourself in a position where you could lose your job because of pending criminal charges, the good news is that you have options. It is possible to raise a robust defense against the criminal charges that will protect you from any form of penalty or censure by the licensing board.

Avoiding a criminal conviction is of the utmost importance for all citizens, but especially those who work in state-licensed careers. Post-conviction legal efforts, including expungement, can help professionals impacted by a conviction get their lives back on track.

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