In the event you have been convicted of a DUI and have met certain requirements under California law, you could be eligible to receive your driving privileges back, but in limited form. While you will have some ways to go before you can retrieve your full driving privileges, with a restricted license, you do have some ability to get around the Los Angeles area.

The Department of Motor Vehicles for the state of California lays out the parameters for the use of a restricted license. These parameters allow you to fulfill key obligations in your personal and professional life. With a restricted license, you can drive to and from your place of work. You may also drive during your work hours, which means you should be able to fulfill work duties if they require you to step outside of your workplace.

A restricted license also comes in handy when it comes to the transportation of your children to and from their school if they still minors. California law states that if a school bus cannot take your children to school and back, or if there is no public bus transportation available, you have the ability to drive your children to school yourself.

Restricted licenses also cover the medical needs of you and your family. Should you or a relative experience serious medical issues, your restricted license permits you to drive to a location to receive medical care. With a restricted license, you should feel confident of driving to a clinic, a hospital or your doctor to receive the medical help you or a loved one needs without any legal trouble.

Because issues involving DUIs can be complicated and vary from person to person, this article should not be read as providing any legal advice. It is written to educate readers on California law regarding DUI and restricted licenses.

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