Drunk driving offenses are taken very seriously in California. Along with the danger drunk driver pose to themselves and others, they can lose their licenses, receive jail time, and pay steep fines and court costs. Very Well Mind explains some of the consequences of receiving a drunk driving conviction.

Install an ignition interlock device

An ignition interlock device requires the driver to submit to a breath test before the vehicle can be started. Even first-time offenders may be ordered to install these devices on vehicles, especially when there are mitigating circumstances like criminal defense and property damage. Along with not being able to start the vehicle, a person may also be subject to fines and other punishments if alcohol is detected on their breath.

Attend driving school

If your license is suspended, you’ll be required to attend drunk driving school before driving privileges are reinstated. These classes emphasize the importance of safe, sober driving while also helping attendees develop ways to prevent drunk driving in the future. While attendance is mandatory, you’ll be responsible for any fees and other costs associated with the class.

Receive an alcohol evaluation

Those who attend drunk driving school will also undergo an alcohol evaluation. This determines whether a person is showing signs of alcohol abuse or addiction. Many people who receive DUI charges also struggle with substance abuse issues. If you appear to have issues with alcohol consumption, you may be ordered to enroll in alcohol treatment or rehab. Once again, costs for treatment will be your responsibility.

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