If you’re charged with assault, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will result in a conviction. With the right defense strategy, you’re able to protect your legal rights in California, and avoid a conviction and the consequences associated with it.

There are several common assault defenses, Firearms with these often considered above the rest:

  • Self-defense: This is the most commonly employed defense strategy in an assault and battery case. To successfully use this defense, it’s critical to prove that there was a threat of force or harm against you, such as the other individual threatening you with a weapon.
  • Defense of someone else: This is similar to self-defense in many ways, with the primary difference being that you’re defending another person instead of yourself. For example, if a person attacks your spouse or children, you have reasonable grounds for defending them.
  • Consent: It’s not as common as other defense strategies, but consent is something to consider. This is used if an individual has voluntarily agreed to a specific act of violence. However, in the event that the behavior exceeds the permission given by the individual, this defense may not be best.
  • Defense of property: This comes into play if you were defending property that was illegally invaded or withheld. For example, if a person or group of people attacks you in an attempt to steal your car or jewelry, you have the legal right to defend yourself.

In the state of California, the punishment for an assault conviction can be severe. For instance, even though simple assault is a misdemeanor, it’s still punishable by probation, up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

In the event of a more serious crime, such as assault against a police officer, fines can reach $10,000 and jail sentences max out at three years.

If you’re facing assault charges, don’t wait to learn more about the many defense strategies available to you like DUI Defense. One or more of these can help prevent a conviction, thus allowing you to move on with your life without any additional trouble.

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