The history of counterfeiting goes back to humanity’s most ancient societies. As soon as we started bartering and paying each other with currency, shrewd criminals created counterfeit money and cheap, knock-off items. Whether it is a fake gold coin or a counterfeit bill, the basic concept remains the same: Create an item convincing enough to pass for the real thing – then escape with real valuables in exchange. It might seem like a very simple crime, but the consequences can be tremendous. In California and throughout the entire nation, counterfeiters face long periods behind bars and considerable fines. But what might happen to you if you commit these crimes?

$1 Billion in Counterfeit Goods Seized in Los Angeles

On November 17, 2022, it was reported that $1 billion in counterfeit goods had been seized in Los Angeles, breaking all previous records set in prior years. The counterfeit items include designer apparel, accessories, handbags, wallets, footwear, watches, jewelry, and electronics from brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. This is, of course, nothing new in the world of designer fashion, but the extent of the problem is astounding in the modern era. Remember, Los Angeles is just one port of entry into the United States, and it’s safe to assume that there are more counterfeit goods entering the nation worth billions more.

The authorities stressed that online shopping has made it easier than ever for consumers to purchase counterfeit designer goods – often without fully realizing that what they are buying is fake. It is unknown whether the seizure of these goods coincided with the apprehension of criminals and smugglers, but it is safe to say that the authorities in Los Angeles are committed to cracking down on these criminals with more seizures than ever before. It was also recently reported that 240,000 counterfeit goods had been seized in China thanks to intelligence supplied by Amazon.

LA Woman Gets Two Years for Passing Counterfeit Bills

Selling counterfeit goods is one thing – but passing counterfeit currency is another matter altogether. In June of 2022, it was reported that a woman had been sentenced to two years in prison for passing about $2,500 in counterfeit bills. Although the crime took place in Fort Myers, Florida, the defendant is originally from California.

Like many people with counterfeit bills, this woman purchased gift cards – thereby exchanging her worthless paper for real money. The authorities eventually traced the counterfeit bills to a rental property nearby, where a total of more than $14,000 in fake money was found. It is not clear who actually created the counterfeit bills, but the woman’s accomplice faced five years of probation.

Ventura County Man Faces Multiple Charges for Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills

On November 17th, it was reported that a delivery driver from Venice was facing multiple charges for a range of drug charges, including possession of counterfeit oxycodone pills. The authorities immediately came to the conclusion that these oxycodone pills were, in fact, made out of fentanyl. They then estimated that he was carrying enough fentanyl to kill about one million people.

The fact that these pills were made to look like oxycodone could easily lead to overdose deaths if they fell into the wrong hands. Even a tiny amount of fentanyl can kill someone, and an unsuspecting user might consume one of these counterfeit pills whole without realizing their true content. This is probably why this individual faces such serious charges. This also highlights why counterfeiting is often seen as a particularly heinous crime – especially when it puts people in serious danger.

Counterfeit Taylor Swift Tickets Cause Uproar

Virtually anything can be counterfeited – even concert tickets to see your favorite artists. On November 15th, it was reported that several counterfeited Taylor Swift tickets had been sold in Boston before one of her concerts. Individuals involved in this crime would most likely face charges of fraud.

Where Can I Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles?

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